A Donation of

$1 = $4 (after USAID's match)     

Provide four children sponsorship for a day (necessities, nutrition and education).

$7 = $28 (after USAID's match)   

Provide one month sponsorship for a child (necessities, nutrition and education).

$10 = $40 (after USAID's match)  

Provide a new born with health care for 3 months along with adequate nutrition to prevent diseases and child mortality.

$25 = $100 (after USAID's match)


Provide education kits for 5 underprivileged children.

$50 = $200 (after USAID's match)  

Provide Teaching Learning Materials in a school to aid teachers to improve quality of education for children.

These are just to give you an idea, if you wish to donate more, you can create an even bigger impact! :)

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