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About Me

Who are you?
An Indian graduate student doing his MBA at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati. My past includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Anna University, India and three years in Cognizant Technology Solutions, India.

Why are you doing this?
It is my way of giving back to the society.

What will you get out of this?
Inner satisfaction.

About the Ride

How are you funding your ride?
From my savings and sponsors.

How many of you are riding?
Only one!

Why are you riding?
Because a motorcycle always draws more attention than a car. Also, driving a car would be much easier.

What are these fundraisers on the way?
They are small fundraising events that I will be setting up with the help of friends. I will address people during this with a presentation, explain my cause, answer any questions they have for me and also collect funds on the spot.

Where are you having these fundraisers?
I am still working on this. As of now it is Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

Why have you selected those cities?
The number of people I know there. They will be helping in setting up the event.

Why are you riding all the 48 states?
To reach the maximum number of people and spread my cause. Also to get some attention.

I want to ride too, how do I join?
I would love to have company and meet fellow bikers on the way. If you want to just catch up or ride along for a few miles, reach out to me using the Contact Page. I promise to honor your invitation if my route goes through your city/town.

How long is the ride?
20 days.

Why is it so short?
Because the ride is planned during my summer vacation.

Do you think you can ride the 48 states in such a short time?
There are many people who have done it in less than 10 days. So I am pretty sure I can do it in 20.

What is your past motorcycling experience?
I have thousands of miles of touring experience on the saddle over the last three years.

Will I be updated during the ride?
Of course! You have the right to.

How will I be updated?
I am coming up with a blog that I would be updating while I'm on the road. Stay connected with me using Facebook/Twitter for more periodic updates.

What will I receive in the newsletter?
An E-mail every month with updates on the fundraiser.

Can I get pictures of the ride?
You can get a DVD with pictures of the ride or even a cool photo book. You will have to sponsor the ride in order to. :) More details HERE.

Can I organize a fundraiser in my city? Will you stop by?
I would love to, if you are able to get together a good amount of people.

Do you have merchandise?
Yes I do! You will have to sponsor the ride in order to get them. :) More details HERE.

Have you done something like this before?
I have always been very motivated towards giving back to the society. I have been practising it too in some way. But a ride of this magnitude, not yet.

Why didn't you do something like this back in India?
Something like this was always in the cards but I did not find the time to make it happen. It is at the top of my bucket list.


Why should I donate?
Inner satisfaction by doing your part for the society.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Of course! According to the US law, donations to a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization are tax deductible. Save the Children is one of those organizations. Please check with your CPA on this.

How much should I donate?
How much ever you can. The minimum is $1.

How are you taking donations?
Through First Giving. It is the website Save the Children uses to set up fundraising accounts.

Do you have control over the money?
I have absolutely no control over it! The money raised would automatically go to Save the Children every month from the First Giving account.

What are the payment modes?
Credit/Debit cards.

Are my payment details safe?
100%. Keeping your information safe from identity theft and internet fraud is our top priority. FirstGiving is VeriSign secured and PCI compliant.

Who is Save the Children?
The world's leading independent organization for children.

Why have you partnered with Save the Children?
Because they are based in both the countries I want to help, USA and India.

Why don't you just redirect traffic to Save the Children?
I want to keep track of how much one person's initiative is able to raise. Also, all donations made through First Giving are matched upto 75% by USAID.

Do you work for Save the Children?
No. I am just raising money on behalf of them.

For what will the money be used?
The money would be used for the education of children in USA and India.

Why are you splitting the money in half?
My way of repaying both the countries I am indebted to.


Can I sponsor the trip?
Of course you can! Individuals, please visit my Sponsorship Page. If you want to market your brand/company through my website or the ride, please reach out to me using the Contact Page.

What is the sponsored money used for?
For expenses on the road. Food, stay, fuel and emergency repairs on the motorcycle.

If you have any question that is not answered here, please reach out to me using the   CONTACT   page and I promise to answer them to the best of my abilities.


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