Donate to Help the Children

400% of the donations made will go to Save the Children!

Yes, it is not a typo! For every $1 you donate, USAID matches it with a $3 grant and we will have $4 to spend on the children in need.

Please donate. The children and I would be grateful to you forever!

There is no minimum amount to be donated. Even if you donate $1, a child's necessities and nutrition for a day will be taken care of. If you are willing to donate more, we will be even more grateful to you. So go ahead and make a child's day by clicking the Donate Now button below.

Click here to Donate Now!

Thank you so much for your generosity, from the bottom of our hearts.
If its not too much to ask, please consider liking and sharing this with your friends. You could be the reason for making the day of a lot more children. Thanks again! :)

If you are still reading this, of course there are other ways to help...

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us. We are only relying on word of mouth advertising. So help us make more children smile.

Host the Rider

I would love to sleep on your couch and eat a delicious home cooked meal. I can entertain your kids and pets too, if you have any. Also, the money can be given to needy children, instead of a motel.
Host the Rider

Sponsor the Ride

After a day of hard riding and fundraising, if a couch were not available, a motel bed would refresh and prepare me better for the next day's ride; than a sleeping bag in a tent. You get cool merchandise too, a token of my gratitude.
Sponsor the Ride


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